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What good writing can do is

to assure that the writer is really in communication with the reader, that he is delivering his message unmistakably and, perhaps, excellently. When that happens, the

reader takes satisfaction in

the reading and the writer takes joy in the writing.

—Theodore M. Bernstein

The Careful Writer

I am a regular contributor with UPPERCASE magazine, most often writing the Origin column, exploring the story behind various aesthetically intriguing objects and ideas.

I am also the author of Rag & Pulp (2023), volume R in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration series. Rag & Pulp explores the work of contemporary papermakers, manufacturers, and artists, including 42 profiles over 448 beautifully illustrated pages.

I have previously written for the trade magazine CIM and the Montreal Review of Books, and my writing has also appeared in This Magazine and Maisonneuve.

Sample Writing


Held by the Land. Contemporary landscape art is often about creating with the land, rather than just about the land. Artist Jamie Ashforth discusses this co-creation in her own process. UPPERCASE #61, 2024

Senescence. In autumn, yellow and red leaf pigments replace the fading green of chlorophyll. The changing of the seasons provides a frame for thinking about loss, change, aging, and renewal. UPPERCASE #60, 2024

Maker's Marks. Potters have embraced a centuries-old tradition of imprinting a personal mark into their ceramic creations. Featuring an interview with potter Florian Gadsby. UPPERCASE #59, 2023

A Font for Mrs. Eaves. In 1996, innovative type designer Zuzana Licko released "Mrs Eaves," her Baskerville-revival typeface, dedicated to Baskerville's wife and printing assistant, Sarah Eaves. UPPERCASE #55, 2022

The Tender Tool. A reflection on gardening, and the gardening tools we have used through the centuries, particularly the watering can. UPPERCASE #53, 2022

Rubber Stamps. The history of rubber stamping, from the office to educational stamps to Dada-inspired mail art. UPPERCASE #50, 2021

Non-Latin Type Design. A discussion about typography, communication, and identity with three type designers, working in Arabic, Japanese, and Gujarati. UPPERCASE #47, 2020

Sparkle Town. Vancouver was once home to a "bottle-dash" stucco craze, a form of stucco for homes that included not just stones but bits of colourful broken glass. UPPERCASE #46, 2020

A Pleasurable Pencil. The Blackwing 602 was once praised by Steinbeck and Warner Brothers animators.  In 2011, Palomino resurrected the Blackwing, to the joy of pencil aficionados. UPPERCASE #40, 2019

Clothespin Equals Kiss. In the modern world, the humble clothespin has come to represent a different mindset and approach to our everyday household chores. UPPERCASE #42, 2019


CIM Magazine


My work for CIM included feature articles (see below), news pieces on Ebola, profiles of mining projects (from copper to coal, to iron to gold), reporting on energy  initiatives (pdf) and new technology, Q&As with geological speicialists and Indigenous leaders (see below), profiles of emerging industry leaders, and specific commodities reports.


Sample articles:


No safety in numbers. The informal mining sector in the developing world (artisanal mining) is plagued by safety issues. This feature article investigates if the Canadian mining industry can help alleviate these. (Nominated for  2014 Trade Association Business Publications International award) CIM Magazine, November 2013

Two roads converge. (pdf). Shuswap chief Ronald Ignace discusses the relationship between traditional knowledge and Western science, and the implications for the resource extraction industry. CIM Magazine, August 2014


Death Valley Scotty. Death Valley Scotty was a colourful American con man who lured investors with a non-existent gold mine. This is one of over 30 articles I wrote for the  Mining Lore column. CIM Magazine, February 2012

Freelance Writing


Heather Pritchard of FarmFolk CityFolk. For the last 20 years, Vancouver-based food activist Heather Pritchard has been working toward a sustainable food system in BC and nurturing a younger generation of organic farmers. This Magazine, October 2014 food issue


Cinema Politica. From humble beginnings, Cinema Politica is now the largest campus- and community-based documentary screening network in the world, celebrating 10 years of "screening truth to power," and connecting filmmakers, audiences, and activists. This Magazine, March/April 2014

Il Et It Une. Days before a neighbourhood building is demolished, I discovered a piece of history that helped paint a picture of a Montreal city block over the last few decades. Maisonneuve, December 2012

What we’re (not) talking about when we talk about Franklin. The discovery of one of Franklin's ships in the Northwest Passage was as much about Arctic sovereignty as it was about Canadian history. So why aren't we talking about this?, September 22, 2014

Bill C-4: Anti-human smuggling or anti-refugee? Canada's refugee policy has undergone a massive overhauling under the Harper government, and refugees have not come out on top. This Magazine, February 2012





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