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In my experience, the really great writers enjoy the editorial process. … The whole point of having things read before publication is to test their effect on a general reader. You want to make sure when you go out there that the tag on the back of your collar isn’t poking up—unless, of course, you are deliberately wearing your clothes inside out.

—Mary Norris

Between You & Me

I am the copy editor for UPPERCASE magazine, and a freelance copy editor for McGill-Queen's University Press (MQUP) and the journal Philosophical Inquiry in Education.

​​My academic editing has focused on the social sciences, history, media studies, and literary/cultural studies. I also enjoy digging into environmental science/ecology.

I have worked on academic manuscripts and papers, magazine articles, reports, technical documents, news pieces, educational journals, and both nonfiction and literary works.

Previously, I have worked as Interim Associate Managing Editor of MQUP, an editor for Concordia University's news service, and a copy editor for the Alberta Teachers' Association, and have volunteered as an editor-at-large with the Media Co-op.

Current and Past Clients

  • UPPERCASE magazine/Uppercase Publishing

  • McGill-Queen's University Press

  • Philosophical Inquiry in Education

  • Concordia University Press

  • Véhicule Press

  • John Aylen Books

  • Critical Romani Studies

  • Concordia University Communications Services

  • University of Calgary Press

  • University of Regina Press

  • Council of Canadians

  • CIM trade magazine

  • Lumière Consulting

  • Media Co-op

  • Cinema Politica


  • Alberta Teachers’ Association

  • w-flickr
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